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Victorian election survey finds big gap between parties
Monday, November 22, 2010

“Our survey of all Victorian election candidates has revealed a big gap between the major parties on family values,” FamilyVoice Victoria state officer Peter Stevens said today.



“The survey and the results are now on our website: http://www.fava.org.au/. "



Pastor Stevens said the Liberal/National Coalition, Labor, Greens, Democratic Labor Party and the Australian Sex Party all sent written answers to ten questions.  These written answers will be posted in full on the FamilyVoice Australia website.



“In order to clarify these answers and remove any spin, we have assigned scores indicating the degree to which they support our position,” Pastor Stevens said.  “Full agreement with a question scored ten; complete disagreement scored 2, with other answers in between.



“We have scored the Liberal/National parties 73 out of 100, compared with just 34 for John Brumby’s Australian Labor Party,” Pastor Stevens said.



The survey asked ten questions about specific policies in the area of parliamentary prayers, adoption, euthanasia, illicit drugs, the charter of rights, equal opportunity laws, abortion, poker machines, sex education and pornography.



“Labor’s low score followed its plans to consider permitting adoption by same sex couples; its refusal to support an inquiry into babies born alive after late term abortion; and its attack on religious freedom through recent changes to equal opportunity laws,” Pastor Stevens said.



“In contrast, the Liberal National Coalition has made a firm commitment on the rights of freedom of religion and freedom of association for faith-based schools and other organisations by removing restrictions imposed by the recent changes to the law.



“The Coalition has also promised to take action against pornography including the illegal sale of X18+ films by giving consumer affairs inspectors new enforcement powers,” Pastor Stevens said.



There was also a wide gap between the five minor parties, with the Democratic Labor Party, Family First and the Christian Democratic Party each scoring a perfect 100 for the FamilyVoice survey – while the Greens scored 25, and the Australian Sex Party, 20.



The Sex Party disagreed with FamilyVoice on every issue.  The Greens partly agreed on one issue – the FamilyVoice concern about poker machines and problem gambling.



Several candidates sent personal replies and scored more than their party response. For example, the Liberal candidates in the marginal seats of Forest Hill (0.8%, Neil Angus) and Ripon (4.3%, Vic Dunn) scored 94 and 83 respectively.  John Herbertson, Labor candidate for the Liberal-held marginal seat of South-West Coast (4.0%) scored 54.



Full results are available at www.fava.org.au/election-surveys/victoria/ . The results can be printed out and taken to the ballot box to assist the many Victorians concerned about family values to vote accordingly.



FamilyVoice Australia: ‘a Christian voice for family, faith and freedom’

Phone 1300 365 965     Website http://www.fava.org.au/     Email    office@fava.org.au



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