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Tougher laws on child pornography welcomed
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FamilyVoice Australia has welcomed the recommendation of the NSW Child Pornography Working Party that child pornography laws be strengthened by removing the defence of artistic merit.

Spokesman Damien Tudehope said: "Once material is identified as child pornography there is no justification for a defence of artistic merit.  The Working Party has responded appropriately to community concerns.  We are hopeful that the New South Wales government will move quickly to implement this important change."

The Working Party recommended that New South Wales adopt the wording of the Commonwealth provisions, although it proposed limiting child pornography to material depicting children under 16 while the Commonwealth laws refer to children under 18.

"We urge the New South Wales government to also adopt the Commonwealth’s age of under 18.  There is no justification for possessing or distributing material depicting 17 year old girls or boys engaged in sexual acts," Mr Tudehope said.

Further comment: Damien Tudehope (NSW spokesman) 0417 658 726 or Richard Egan (National policy officer) 0416 148 008. 



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