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The battle for the SA upper house
Thursday, March 18, 2010

The SA upper house election on Saturday is looming as a key battleground, with major parties competing with minor parties and many independent candidates.

"In 2006 there was a record upper house vote for Independent Nick Xenophon," said FamilyVoice SA state officer David d’Lima.  "Nick is not running in this election, but he has set a precedent.  Many people are now thinking seriously of voting for one party in the House of Assembly (the lower house), but a different party or an Independent in the Legislative Council (the upper house).  This attitude is also spilling over into the lower house, where dissatisfaction with both major parties is leading some people to vote for a minor party or Independent for the first time in their life.

"Voters don’t like vague ‘spin’," David d’Lima said.  "Our FamilyVoice election survey is designed to eliminate spin, by asking very specific questions on how candidates would vote on a particular issue. 

"We salute the Family First Party whose lead candidate for the upper house is Robert Brokenshire.  Family First candidates, in both the upper and the lower houses, were clear – they said ‘Yes definitely’ to all ten survey questions and scored a total of 100. 

 "We were disappointed that no upper house candidate from Labor or Liberal parties sent a personal survey response," David d’Lima said.  "Replies are still coming in from Independents (many of whose names were unknown until last week).  So far the leading contenders in survey scores are:

Family First – Robert Brokenshire, Bob Randall, Toni Turnbull: all scored 100.

Democratic Labor Party – Paul Russell, David McCabe: both scored 100.

Independent Save the Unborn – Trevor Grace: scored 100.

Independent Motorsports Land Tax – Joe Ienco: scored 100.

Independent Change is Necessary –Mark and Helen Aldridge: both scored 92.

Independent Climate Sceptics – John Michelmore: scored 87.

Independent Fishing & Lifestyle – Neil Armstrong: scored 77.

Shooters Party – Robert Hudson: scored 74.

Liberal Party – David Ridgway, Stephen Wade, Terry Stephens, Jing Lee, Rita Bouras, Peter Salu, Sarah Jared: official party score, 52.

Labor Party – Paul Holloway, Gail Gago, Bernard Finnigan, John Gazzola, Tung Ngo: official party score, 40.

Independent Less Tax – Michael Noack: 39.

The Greens refused to send a party survey response.  No upper house Greens candidates have sent personal responses, so scored zero.

Note:  The scores of Labor and Liberal MPs who voted for or against euthanasia last year have been adjusted to show how they voted.

For full survey details in all electorates, click on: http://www.fava.org.au/election-surveys/south-australia/  .


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