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Legality won’t change brothels’ dark side
Monday, June 21, 2010

“WA Attorney-General Christian Porter thinks he can clean up the sex trade by making it legal,” former Perth madam Linda Watson said today.  “Tell him he’s dreaming!”

Linda Watson knows the Perth prostitution scene from the inside.  She is not surprised that current madams have welcomed the Barnett government’s proposal for legal red light districts.

“Mr Porter is playing into their hands,” she said.  “Brothel owners would love to get a legal stamp of approval for their dirty business – but it won’t change what goes on behind closed doors.  Don’t be fooled by talk of health and safety.  Mr Porter would change his mind if he knew what really happens.  I got out 13 years ago because I couldn’t live with myself – with all the deceit, drug addiction and destroyed lives.”

Ms Watson now runs Linda’s House of Hope, helping vulnerable girls quit the sex trade.  “These girls are so damaged, it is very hard for them to think they could do anything else,” she said.  Linda is looking forward to responding to the government’s discussion paper on prostitution law, due for release later this year.

FamilyVoice Australia will also be making a submission, based on prostitution research over several decades.  Research officer Ros Phillips said brothels had been legalised in the eastern states, but had resulted in a booming illegal trade, along with higher rates of sexually transmitted infections and sex trafficking.

“Legalisation or decriminalisation of brothels has solved nothing,” Mrs Phillips said.  “Quite the opposite – it has made the problems worse.  The only European country to cut rates of sex trafficking has been Sweden.  That is because 12 years ago, the Swedish parliament made it an offence to buy or attempt to buy sexual services.  Norway recently followed suit.  Mr Porter should visit Scandinavia and see for himself.”


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