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Family values: Liberals slightly ahead
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FamilyVoice Australia       Media Release       10 August 2010


Family values: Liberals slightly ahead


Tony Abbott’s Coalition has scored 64 out of a possible 100 for the FamilyVoice federal election survey, just six points ahead of Labor’s 58,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.  “The Greens were way behind on 23.”


The Liberal-National Coalition gained full marks for positive answers to questions on prayers in parliament, traditional marriage, school chaplains and free speech.   They were marked down for negative or uncertain answers in areas including internet filtering, fair childcare funding, drug policy and foreign interpretation of human rights.


Labor gained full marks for positive answers to questions on prayers in parliament, traditional man-woman marriage and a ban on online gambling.  Unlike the Coalition, Labor scored full marks for supporting internet filtering of material such as child pornography which is refused classification.  Labor was marked down for its policies on drugs, fair childcare funding, foreign interpretation of human rights and vilification laws which stifle free speech.


“The Greens’ policies show they would definitely vote No on almost all the issues we raised,” Mrs Phillips said.  “The exception was online gambling where they have been generally sympathetic to a ban.”


Family First, the CDP and DLP all answered “Yes, definitely” to all ten questions, scoring 100.


“These parties clearly support traditional family values and the Christian heritage which helped make Australia one of the safest, healthiest and most democratic nations in the world,” Ros Phillips said.


See http://www.fava.org.au/election-surveys/commonwealth/ for details of the ten federal election survey questions and responses on the FamilyVoice Australia website.  Details for independent and minor party candidates are being updated as responses come to hand. 




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