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Cairns couple ‘not guilty’: FamilyVoice responds
Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The Cairns trial has been a timely reminder that abortion rightly remains a criminal offence in Queensland,” FamilyVoice Australia national research officer Ros Phillips said today.
During the trial it became clear that Tegan Leach and her boyfriend had decided on an abortion solely because they felt they were not ready for a child.
“However, when abortion is being considered, it is because the child has already come into existence.  A pregnant woman is literally ‘with child’,” Ros Phillips said.
“In our civilised society, we do not allow parents to dispose of their born children if the parents don't want the responsibility of taking care of them.  Neither should we allow the parents of unborn children simply to dispose of these children at will.
“While we respect the ‘not guilty’ verdict of the Cairns jury, we believe the outcome in this case should not be used to increase access to abortion in Queensland by any change in either law or practice.
“We all need to take responsibility for our actions.  Our society and our laws need to protect those who can't defend themselves.  Women (and men) who choose to abort their children also harm themselves, because they are violating a deep human instinct to be a mother or a father.  Adoption remains a valid option for those who genuinely feel unable to provide for a child,” Mrs Phillips said.


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