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Birth certificates should tell the truth
Thursday, August 19, 2010

FamilyVoice Australia      Media Release      19 August 2010


Birth certificates should tell the truth


“Today I have sent all SA upper house MPs a briefing paper on the Greens’ new parentage bill,” said FamilyVoice SA state officer David d’Lima.


“The SA Family Relationships (Parentage) Amendment Bill – introduced by Hon Tammy Jennings in the SA Legislative Council in June – would allow the lesbian partner of a woman who has a child by artificial fertilisation to be recorded as the ‘parent’ of the child on the birth certificate.


“This is a nonsense,” Mr d’Lima said.  “Birth certificates should record the truth.   A woman who is not related biologically to a child cannot be the child’s parent, let alone the father.


“New research shows that anonymous donor conception places heavy burdens on the child, even if that child is brought up within a nurturing traditional family,” David d’Lima said.  “Many such children struggle with questions about their origin and identity.


“Where such children are raised by lesbian couples, that tension can be expected to increase – especially where the birth certificate falsely states that their parents are both women.  We would encourage MPs to reject this bill because it is not in the best interests of SA children,” Mr d’Lima said.


Attachment: FamilyVoice Briefing Paper



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