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Election Survey - Western Australia 2013 - Q6

Q6 - Prostitution

Brothels (where pimps and madams profit from prostitution) have never been legal in WA. Jurisdictions that have legalised or decriminalised the sex trade have seen a major growth in legal and illegal brothels, along with drug abuse, violence, suicides and other problems. Prostitution is not a “safe industry” – either in residential areas (as the 2008 Act would permit) or non-residential areas (as the 2011 Bill would permit).

Would you vote to keep brothels illegal in all areas of WA? 

Party Reply Score

WA Labor Party

Prostitution has been a vexed issue for Governments for many years. WA Labor introduced a Bill into Parliament based on a decriminalised model and aimed at regulation of brothels and protection of sex workers. Although passed, this Bill was not enacted by the incoming Government, who had promised to pass a Bill of its own. The Barnett Government's Bill was introduced into Parliament but never debated due to the inability of the Barnett Government to ensure support from its own Members. WA Labor did not support this bill.


Liberal Party

The Liberal-led Government introduced the Prostitution Bill 2011 in Parliament on 3 November 2011. The legislation aims to stop the spread of brothels in residential areas, and provide for a stringently licensed, monitored and regulated system in a small number of appropriately situated locations. In developing the Prostitution Bill 2011, the Government considered legislation related to prostitution in other jurisdictions and considers that the proposed approach is best suited to Western Australia.

Family First Party                                                                                                    

Yes definitely.
The Greens 

As per our core policy Social Justice the Greens (WA) are committed to the principle that everyone must be protected from exploitation, sexual harassment, poverty and violence, with special emphasis on the protection of women and children.
Our view is that this is best achieved by decriminalising sex workers and regulating the sex work industry, thereby enabling occupational health and safety to be monitored and regulated.  The Swedish approach to prostitution, which criminalises the purchase of sex, appears to have been unsuccessful in that anecdotal evidence suggests sex work has been driven further underground, thus increasing the risks of violence and exploitation. The Greens (WA) would support an inquiry into the workings of the New Zealand framework.

The Nationals



Australian Christians                                                                                               



Australian Christians protects the value and dignity of every person, male and female. It declares that prostitution is a modern form of slavery and exploitation.

There is no such thing as a safe environment for prostitution; it breaks all the normal occupational health and safety requirements that are applied to other industries.

We also support the provision of safe exit strategies for those currently involved in prostitution. We support the development of legislation based on the Nordic Model where those who use prostitutes are prosecuted, thus discouraging men from harassing women in the street.   Legalising brothels only increases the demand for sex and therefore the number of prostitutes in this dangerous trade. Our policy is based on a desire to support families structure and ensuring that marriage, and women in particular, are not harmed by prostitution.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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