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Election Survey - Tasmania 2014 - Q2

Q2 - Poker machines

A 2010 Productivity Commission report found Australians lose a staggering $19 billion a year on pokies – 40% from problem gamblers. This is associated with high social impact, including family breakdown. Poker machines entail a particularly addictive form of gambling, and should not be conveniently accessible in hotels and clubs. State governments that depend on revenue from poker machines are failing to provide for the welfare of the people.

Would you support a bill to phase out poker machines from hotels and clubs over the next ten years?

Party Reply Score

Liberal Party                                                                                                    

The second Tasmanian Social and Economic Impact Study of Gambling found decreasing participation rates for pokies, from 28.5 per cent in 2008 to 20.5 per cent in 2011.

In relation to the prevalence of problem gambling, it found while 4 per cent of the adult Australian population play the pokies at least weekly, only 15 per cent of those are problem gamblers, but Tasmania was a national leader in harm minimisation measures.

Given the overwhelming majority of Tasmanians are able to enjoy gambling without addiction, the Liberals do not support the view that poker machines should be phased out of hotels and clubs.


Australian Labor Party                                                                                                    
Under Labor, Tasmania has put in place one of the country's most comprehensive frameworks to regulate gambling and to promote responsible gambling including the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania. The Code has been developed to minimise harm from gambling in the Tasmanian community. It seeks to make gambling environments safer by making sure people have clear information about gambling so that they can better understand it and make informed choices about whether to participate.

The second Social and Economic Impac Study of Gambling in Tasmania was conducted in 2011 aqnd the report was handed down in 2012. The Study noted that Tasmania is a national leader in harm minimisation measure. For example, Tasmania is the only jurisdiction that bans ATMs in hotels and clubs, and we were one of the first to introduce a comprehensive player exclusion system.

A further Social and Economic Impact Study commenced in 2013 and will be finalised in late 2014.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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