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Election Survey - South Australia 2014 - Q9

Q9 - Cannabis laws

SA cannabis users have been exploiting the option to choose a drug diversion program instead of facing court. They can do this multiple times with no limit, making a mockery of a law that is meant to foster rehabilitation.

Would you support a limit of two for the number of times a cannabis user can choose a drug diversion program? 

Party Reply Score

Labor Party

The Labor Party received this survey in January but has declined to respond despite repeated requests.  The Weatherill Labor government has so far failed to amend laws restricting the use of diversion programs. 



Liberal Party

The Liberal Party understands that cannabis users cannot currently access the drug diversion program.  It is Liberal Party policy to amend the Controlled Substance Act 1984 so that an offender is limited to participating in a police ordered drug diversion program a maximum of two times for simple possession drug offences before being charged with an offence.  This policy relates to some drugs other than cannabis.

Family First Party                                                                                                    

Yes definitely.

SA Greens

The SA Greens received this survey in January but have declined to respond despite several requests.  The SA Greens have supported a relaxation of laws against cannabis.


Stop Population Growth Now

It seems sensible that diversions be limited to 2.

Please note you may only record and publish my opinions as expressed above, in full. Please do not place your own interpretation on them.



Dignity for Disability                                                                                               

Dignity For Disability sent 10 individual replies but no party reply.  Six candidates were unlikely to support a limit of two for the number of times a drug user can choose a drug diversion program; three definitely would not and one was unsure.


Nick Xenophon Team                                                                                               

Nick Xenophon is not standing for election – he is a federal senator.  His SA upper house candidates John Darley and Connie Bonaros have not replied: John Darley is likely to support tighter laws for illicit drugs.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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