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Election Survey - South Australia 2014 - Q7

Q7 - Poker machines

A 2010 Productivity Commission report found Australians lose a staggering $19 billion a year on pokies – 40% from problem gamblers. This is associated with high social impact, including family breakdown. Poker machines entail a particularly addictive form of gambling, and should not be conveniently accessible in hotels and clubs. State governments that depend on revenue from poker machines are failing to provide for the welfare of the people.

Would you support a bill for poker machines to be phased out of hotels and clubs over the next few years?

Party Reply Score

Labor Party 

The Labor Party received this survey in January but has declined to respond despite repeated requests.  When in government in 1992, Labor MPs passed the SA poker machines law and have since resisted calls to phase them out.          


Liberal Party 

The Liberal Party is prepared to consider supporting such a bill but there are important issues such as the possible financial cost of any compensation which will need to be considered.

Family First Party                                                                                                    

Yes definitely.
SA Greens                                                                                                    

The SA Greens received this survey in January but have declined to respond despite several requests.  In the past the SA Greens have supported moves to phase out poker machines from pubs and clubs.

Stop Population Growth Now

Bet maximums of $5? should be imposed immediately, and the machines phased out over say, 10 years.

Please note you may only record and publish my opinions as expressed above, in full. Please do not place your own interpretation on them.



Dignity for Disability                                                                                                

Dignity For Disability sent 10 individual replies but no party reply.  Two candidates would definitely support the phasing out of poker machines from pubs and clubs over five years, seven probably would and one was unsure.


Nick Xenophon Team                                                                                               

Nick Xenophon is not standing for election – he is a federal senator.  His SA upper house candidates John Darley and Connie Bonaros have not replied: John Darley is likely to support the phasing out of poker machines.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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