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Election Survey - South Australia 2014 - Q4

Q4 - Euthanasia

Euthanasia means the intentional killing of a person who may be suffering pain or mental distress, instead of providing medical treatment or palliative care. It does not mean ending treatment that is futile or burdensome, since treatment can always be declined. Evidence from the Netherlands, Oregon and the Northern Territory shows that legalised euthanasia has led to the deaths of persons who were not terminally ill, or were suffering treatable depression, or did not ask for euthanasia.

Would you vote against any proposal that would facilitate doctors intentionally killing their patients?

Party Reply Score

 Labor Party

The Labor Party received this survey in January but has declined to respond despite repeated requests.  Euthanasia is a conscience issue for Labor MPs.  In the past, most Labor MPs have supported it.



 Liberal Party

In response to a range of Bills, the Liberal Party has a long held position that euthanasia is a conscience vote for the Liberal Party.

Family First Party                                                                                                    

Yes definitely.
SA Greens                                                                                                    

The SA Greens received this survey in January but have declined to respond despite several requests.  In the past the SA Greens have introduced and supported bills to legalise euthanasia.

Stop Population Growth Now 

I support the availabilty of euthanasia, with appropriate safeguards.

Please note you may only record and publish my opinions as expressed above, in full. Please do not place your own interpretation on them.


Dignity for Disability                                                                                                

Dignity For Disability sent 10 individual replies but no party reply.  Six candidates would definitely not vote against euthanasia; three were unsure and one was unlikely to do so.


Nick Xenophon Team                                                                                               

Nick Xenophon is not standing for election – he is a federal senator.  His SA upper house candidates John Darley and Connie Bonaros have not replied: John Darley has voted for euthanasia in the past.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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