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Election Survey - New South Wales 2015 - Q9

Q9 - Poker machines

The Productivity Commission recently found that between 80,000 and 160,000 Australian adults suffer significant problems from their gambling. About 40% of poker machine profits come from problem gambling, which can lead to pverty, suicide and family breakdown. Governments need to end their dependence on revenue from problem gambling.

Would you support legislation to phase out poker machines in New South Wales over a ten year period?


Party Reply                                                                                                            Score
Christian Democratic Party

Yes definitely.

Labor Party


Labor understands the Government needs to do more for problem gamblers. Betting limits and restricting access to problem gamblers need to be part of the discussion.

Labor in government implemented a number of reforms to help reduce the number of problem gamblers including:

  • Reducing the state-wide cap on poker machine numbers by 5000;
  • A poker machine forfeiture scheme which provides an ongoing mechanism to reduce machine numbers;
  • Our gaming venues must shut down their gaming machines for six hours every day;
  • Venues must provide self-exclusion schemes, clocks in gaming areas and responsible gambling information about counselling services and the odds of winning;
  • There are laws banning the advertising of gaming machines, and requirements for all gaming venue workers to be trained in the Responsible Conduct of Gambling.
  • Strict controls over ATMs in gaming venues, ensuring they are located away from gaming machines and banning credit card cash withdrawals; and
  • Notices promoting the Gambling Help line (1800 858 858) must also be fixed to all ATMs.

Liberal - National Party


The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is committed to addressing the issue of problem gambling and has committed over $48 million dollars between 2013 and 2017 to fund 56 counselling and support services across NSW - an increase of $6,929,496/16.8%. Gambling Help services operate at more than 200 locations across the State providing free, confidential and effective counselling and support to problem gamblers and their families.


The Greens


We recognise the negative social impact of problem gambling, particularly from poker machines, and we have policies directed at lessening their impact either through restrictions on their purchase and use or additional taxes redirected to funding social programs and job-creating infrastructure. We could not, however, commit to specific phase-out legislation at this time, though we would be willing to negotiate and deliberate on such a bill if presented.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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