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Election Survey - New South Wales 2015 - Q7

Q7 - Same-sex adoption

Children placed for adoption deserve the best possible care. Research evidence confirms the common sense view that children flourish best when raised by both a mother and a father. Allowing same-sex couples to adopt intentionally deprives a child of the love of either a father or of a mother, and is unfair to the child.

Would you vote for measures to repeal provisions allowing same-sex couples to adopt children?


Party Reply                                                                                                            Score
Christian Democratic Party

Yes definitely.

Labor Party

 Definitely not.

Labor will not repeal provisions allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.


Liberal - National Party

 Definitely not.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals have no plan to change the existing laws. In 2010 when the Adoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Act 2010 was before the parliament, NSW Liberals & Nationals members were granted a conscience vote.

FamilyVoice may be interested to know that on 1 February 2015 the Premier and the Minister for Family & Community Services announced that a re-elected Baird Government would invest $2.85 million to establish Australia's first Institute of Open Adoption to help increase the number of Out-of-Home Care adoptions in NSW.

The institute will lead high quality independent research to inform policy, professional development and practice in the field, and build community awareness of contemporary adoption practice.

The Institute supports the work the NSW Liberals & Nationals have done in delivering a child protection system which better protects our children and young people.


The Greens

 Definitely not.

We reject utterly the so-called "research evidence" that suggests that same-sex couples are not in every way the equal of heterosexual couples in love, care and concern for the well-being of their children, and we also reject that such antiquated beliefs are "common sense." There is no evidence that children raised by same-sex couples are in any way disadvantaged compared to children raised by heterosexual couples, and the Greens fully support the right of same-sex couples to adopt or conceive through efforts such as surrogacy or IVF, and we support legislation that would ensure that such couples have all the rights and privileges of heterosexual couples.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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