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Election Survey - New South Wales 2015 - Q3

Q3 - Abortion

Abortion is currently illegal under sections 82-84 of the Crimes Act  1900 (NSW), subject to the Levine ruling which allows an exception  to avoid “serious danger to the pregnant woman's life or to her physical or mental health”. Abortion should remain unlawful because it terminates a human life and may result in mothers experiencing physical and mental suffering.

Would you oppose any move to legalise abortion in New South Wales?


Party Reply                                                                                                            Score
Christian Democratic Party

Yes definitely.

Labor Party


Labor has no intention of changing the current legislation.

Labor has also said it would work with the Federal Government and Medicare to get better data on terminations - this is so the state can determine why women are having terminations from a public health perspective.


Liberal - National Party


The NSW Liberals & Nationals have no plans to introduce legislation that would change existing abortion laws. If such a Bill was before the parliament it would be a conscience matter for Liberal & National MPs.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government believes that we should do all we can to support and educate young pregnant women in what can often be an extremely daunting time and the NSW Government provides a wide range of consumer resources for women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy.


The Greens

 Definitely not.

We respect bodily autonomy and freedom of choice. Just as it would not be moral to force someone to give up their womb. If one is concerned for "mothers experiencing physical and mental suffering" then they should also be concerned for the physical and mental suffering associated with unwanted pregnancy and/or backyard abortions. Not only would the Greens not oppose legislation to legalise abortion in NSW, we plan to introduce it.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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