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Election Survey - New South Wales 2015 - Q10

Q10 - Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Proposals for laws allowing health professionals to kill their patients pose a serious threat to all people in New South Wales - especially the elderly, the frail, the disabled and the socially vulnerable. Evidence from the Netherlands, Oregon and the Northern Territory (1995-96) shows that legalised euthanasia and physician assisted suicide have led to the deaths of persons who are not terminally ill, who are suffering from treatable depression, or who have not even asked for euthanasia.

Would you oppose any move to legalise euthanasia or physician assisted suicide in New South Wales?


Party Reply                                                                                                            Score
Christian Democratic Party

Yes definitely.

Labor Party


NSW Labor recognises that euthanasia is a complex and extremely sensitive issue and any proposed changes to laws governing euthanasia should be treated as a matter of individual conscience. Should any future legislation come before the NSW Parliament on this matter, members of the State Labor Parliamentary Party will be granted a conscience vote.


Liberal - National Party


If a Bill of such nature was before the parliament, it would be a matter of conscience for NSW Liberal & National members.

In the last Parliament NSW Liberal & Nationals MLCs were granted a conscience vote on the Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill 2013.


The Greens

 Definitely not.

We are unqualified supporters of the right of the terminally ill to die with dignity and on a timeline of their choosing, and we do not accept that such legislation results in "the deaths of persons who have not asked for euthanasia."


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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