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Election Survey - Commonwealth 2014 - Q6

Q6 - Gambling

Sports betting is a greatly increasing form of gambling in Australia. A 2012 survey of 4,680 adults who have gambled online found that 88.9% used the internet to bet on races or sports. Promoting live odds during sports broadcasts on all media places viewers, especially children, at risk of gambling addiction and serious financial loss.

Would you vote to prohibit all forms of gambling promotion during radio, TV and online sports broadcasts?

Party Reply Score
Australian Labor Party 

We know that people are sick of having gambling ads shoved down their throats during live sports broadcasts.

That’s why the Federal Labor Government has taken action to ensure there is a massive reduction in the level of gambling advertising during live sports broadcasts.
We have seen significantly less gambling advertisements during live sports on TV and radio as a direct result of Federal Labor’s intervention in May this year. Importantly,

  • Live odds promotions are now banned from the time the players walk onto the field before the game begins until the they leave the field at the end of the match;
  • Generic gambling advertisements are not permitted while the game is in play. That means during a quarter of football, or a half of rugby you will not see or hear advertisements for gambling over the broadcast. This includes banner or pop up advertisements during play.
  • Finally, representatives of gambling companies are not be permitted to promote their services from or around the ground or the sporting venue.

These measures have now been registered in the broadcasters’ codes of practice and are binding and enforceable by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Liberal National Coalition

One of the fastest growing places to gamble is online. The Coalition appreciates there are serious community concerns surrounding the promotion of live online odds during the broadcast of sporting events on television and radio, particularly as it can expose children to gambling. We want Australian children to know what a lineout, wicket, serum, goal, basket or mark is long before they know what the odds are in a game.

The Coalition has called on the broadcasting industry to act to limit advertising and we welcome the steps they have already taken to limit promotions and advertising. We will continue to monitor the broadcasters' standards and practices to ensure they meet community expectations.

The Greens

Non-Custodial Parents Party 

Yes definitely.
Rise Up Australia Party 

Yes definitely.
Democratic Labour Party 

Yes definitely.
 Liberal Democratic Party 

Definitely not.
Outdoor Recreation Party 

Family First Party 

Yes definitely.
Australian Christians Party 

Yes definitely.
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party 

No comment.
Australian Voice 

No comment.
Palmer United Party 

No comment.

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