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Election Survey - Commonwealth 2014 - Q4

Q4 - Illicit drugs

Harm minimisation has been one of the key principles of Australia's drug strategy since 1985. Harm minimisation measures include needle and syringe exchanges, injecting rooms, heroin prescription, methadone substitution, liberal cannabis laws and drug testing kits. This strategy has largely failed. By contrast, Sweden has shown that "drug free" policies can dramatically reduce the use of illicit drugs.

Would you support changing the "harm minimisation" focus of the current national drug policy to "harm prevention", and treatment with a drug-free goal?

Party Reply Score
Australian Labor Party 

The Federal Labor Government’s National Drug Strategy (2010-2015) provides the national framework for action to minimise the harms to individuals, families and communities from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The Strategy takes a harm minimisation approach through supply,demand and harm reduction focused actions. It also recognises the importance of action at anational, state and local level to achieve change.
Liberal National Coalition

The Coalition is strongly committed to combating the use of illicit drugs. We unashamedly support focusing efforts on combating the trafficking and distribution of illicit drugs.

Our track record demonstrates the Coalition's commitment to improving the health and wellbeing ofthose affected by drug addiction. In 1997, the previous Coalition Government implemented the 'Tough on Drugs' policy which saw a significant fall in the use of illicit drugs. Over several years, the Government committed $1.6 billion to reduce demand, disrupt supply and provide effective treatment for people with drug addiction problems. Under the Coalition Government, illicit drug abuse dropped from 21.9 per cent of
Australians to 13.4 per cent by 2007.

Under the Labor Government, illegal drug abuse has risen to 14.7 per cent according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The Coalition remains committed to measures intended to reduce the prevalence of illicit drug use.

Our vision is for a stronger, safer community that provides effective treatment for those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, and creates a strong framework to disrupt supply and reduce demand for illegal drugs.

The Greens

Definitely not.
Non-Custodial Parents Party 

Yes definitely.
Rise Up Australia Party 

Yes definitely. Candidates will be required to vote in accord with our official party response.
Democratic Labour Party 

Yes definitely.
 Liberal Democratic Party 

 Outdoor Recreation Party 

Family First Party 

Yes definitely.
Australian Christians Party 

Yes definitely.
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party 

No comment.
Australian Voice 

No comment.
Katter's Australian Party 

Yes definitely.
Palmer United Party 

No comment.

Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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