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Election Survey - Commonwealth of Australia 2016 - Q3

Q3 - Safe Schools Coalition program

There has been widespread concern about the content of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program now operating in over 500 Australian schools.  Its co-founder, lesbian activist Roz Ward, has admitted that the program is “not about stopping bullying”.  Rather, it promotes unproven theories about transgenderism and same-sex attraction, uses invalid statistics, encourages partisan activism, and ignores most victims of school bullies.

Would you support the cancellation of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program, with funding used instead to support proven programs that address all forms of school bullying?

Party Reply Score

Family First

  Yes, definitely. Since arriving in Canberra in 2013 Family First has been lobbying the Coalition to de-fund the Safe Schools program altogether.  They have steadfastly refused.  It was only when parent and public outrage hit the media that the Coalition agreed to ‘review’ the program, demanding only some aspects be removed.  Parents were not being consulted about their children’s involvement in the program.  The now-almost-daily revelations about the content of the program, its supporting material and the radical beliefs of its authors demonstrate that the program must be immediately abolished.  We want a new, anti-bullying program that is not focussed on radical agendas but addresses every cause of bullying at school – of which gender and sexuality are not the highest causes.


Australian Labor Party

  Labor supports the continuation of the Safe Schools Program to tackle bullying in schools.

Programs to combat bullying are incredibly important - because every student has the right to feel safe and supported at school. Safe Schools is just one of many programs in schools to support the welfare of young people, including programs on cyber safety, mental health, eating disorders, and respectful relationships.

Labor believes bullying and discrimination are wrong. We will continue to work to make our schools better places for all students to learn, achieve their best and grow into confident and happy adults.

There has been a great deal of misinformation about the Safe Schools program and its content. The program is voluntary, with teachers and principals choosing the elements that are age appropriate and meet the needs of their students.


Liberal Nationals Coalition

  The Turnbull Coalition Government believes no one should feel unsafe at school.  National and international research shows that a supportive and inclusive school environment is essential for all students to be healthy and happy and achieve their potential.

The previous Labor Government signed a four year contract in 2013 with the Foundation for Young Australians to develop and implement the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) programme, which seeks to prevent homophobia and transphobia bullying in schools and to support students who face personal issues in terms of their gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Coalition has listened to the concerns raised about the programme, and we have acted.  We commissioned an independent review, which found that whilst the programme is age appropriate and aligned to the Australian Curriculum, it could be improved.

The Coalition believes parents should have a say in whether their children participate in the programme.  That is why we have made parental consent a mandatory requirement before students participate, and schools must now consult with their appropriate parental bodies before the school participates.

We believe information should be appropriate to the curriculum and for all students – so we have required some lessons to be amended, and others to be removed.

We have banned the programme being used for political advocacy.  We have also ensured that links to third party organisations not funded for counselling purposes have been removed from the official material and website.

The Coalition will not fund the programme beyond the end of the contract that Labor signed.


Rise Up Australia Party

Yes, definitely.


Christian Democratic Party

Yes, definitely.


Australian Christians

Yes, definitely.


Online Direct Democracy

No comment.


The Greens

Definitely not. The Greens will not only protect the Safe Schools program, we will expand its funding from $2 million annually to $8 million annually.



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