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Election Survey - Commonwealth of Australia 2016 - Q2

Q2 - Marriage

In 2004 the Marriage Act 1961 was amended to reaffirm the understanding across cultures throughout history, that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.  The purpose of marriage is to ensure that wherever possible, children are raised with both mum and dad role models in a stable environment – shown by research to be the safest family type.

Would you vote to retain the Marriage Act 1961 definition of marriage as "the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life"?

Party Reply Score

Family First

  Yes, definitely. We will fight to retain the above definition of marriage and, if we could, we would even insert it into the Constitution via a referendum to preserve it for all time.  However, the Labor, Greens and Nick Xenophon Team parties want to redefine marriage without a public vote (‘plebiscite’).  We support a public vote on the question, but not this year as the Coalition is proposing.  We need to have a thorough and free-speech protected debate on how redefining marriage will affect the rights
of parents, the rights of children, free speech and freedom of conscience in Australia.  Having thoroughly considered those questions, I do not think the Australian public will want to redefine marriage.



Australian Labor Party

  A Labor Government will legislate for marriage equality within the first 100 days of the next Parliament, in recognition that love between two people of the same gender is of equal meaning, equal value and entitled to equal respect.

Labor opposes Malcolm Turnbull's 160 million divisive plebiscite on marriage equality. The Constitution makes it clear that it is Federal Parliament's role and responsibility to legislate on the issue of marriage, and Parliament has always done so in the past.

Many Australians hold deep and diverse beliefs about the meaning of marriage, which must also be respected. Recognising this, Labor plicy will continue to support a conscience vote on marriage equality in the next Parliament.

Labor policy provides that, should a change to the Marriage Act take place in the future, ministers of religion will not be required to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples. This preserves Labor's longstanding support for the appropriate protection of religious freedom of all people.


Liberal Nationals Coalition

  The Turnbull Government believes that a decision on same-sex marriage should be made by a vote by all Australians via a plebiscite as soon as possible after the election.

If the majority of Australians vote ‘yes’ in a plebiscite, the Parliament should respect that decision and legalise same-sex marriage in Australia.


Rise Up Australia Party

Yes, definitely.


Christian Democratic Party

Yes, definitely.


Australian Christians

Yes, definitely.


Online Direct Democracy

No comment.


The Greens

Definitely not. The Greens will keep pushing for PM Turnbull to ditch his proposed divisive and expensive plebiscite on same-sex marriage.  For over a decade, the Greens have been pushing for a free parliamentary vote on marriage equality – whose time has come.  Love is Love.



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