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Election Survey - Commonwealth of Australia 2016 - Q1

Q1 - Prayers in Parliament

Prayers in parliament are an important daily reminder that we must all ultimately answer to the higher authority of Almighty God.  The prayers, which consist of the Lord's Prayer and a request for God's guidance, are an expression of the Christian foundation of our nation. According to the latest census, about 61% of Australians identify with Christianity.

Would you vote to support the continued opening of parliament with Christian prayers?

Party Reply Score

Family First 
Yes, definitely. We will always support opening Parliament with prayers.  The Commonwealth Constitution begins with a prayer, and so should Parliament.  We reject the approach of the Greens and others to have a ‘multi-faith’ prayer acceptable to all religions, as such a prayer really means nothing to anyone.  Prayers before Parliament remind all politicians that they are servants of the public and subject to a higher power, indeed by definition our ‘prime minister’ is the ‘first servant’, not the President.  Our nation has a Christian heritage and we have no right to remove a tradition established by the founding fathers, our forebears and soldiers who fought for our great nation under that tradition. 


Australian Labor Party

Labor has no intention of changing the current practice whereby Parliament opens with the Lord's Prayer.


Liberal Nationals Coalition

The Turnbull Coalition Government remains committed to the opening of Parliament each day with the Lord’s Prayer.

We appreciate the influence that Judeo-Christian principles have had on Australian culture.  The Australian Parliament should represent the society it serves and offering the Lord’s Prayer each day at its commencement is an appropriate way to reflect this.


Rise Up Australia Party

Yes, definitely.


Christian Democratic Party

Yes, definitely.


Australian Christians

Yes, definitely.


Online Direct Democracy

No comment.


The Greens

Definitely not. The current daily prayer is not reflective of our multicultural community.



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