Prayer items

December 2016

  1. Our Father, we pray that Christmas celebrations will helpfully share the love and word of Christ, so the Australian people would respond to him as Saviour and Lord.
  2. Lord, we give thanks that underage drinking (by high school students) is at its lowest level since 1984. We pray for young people, that they will be protected from all harm.
  3. Lord of the Nations, be with the Commonwealth Government as it works to draft a revised test that protects the integrity of Australian citizenship and promotes security.
  4. Heavenly Father, we pray that MPs and other civic leaders will enjoy a time of refreshment during the Christmas season, and be challenged by the claims of Christ over our nation.
  5. Our God and Father, we pray that your blessing will be on the chaplains in State schools. Enable their work to encourage young people who may be isolated and at risk.
  6. Provider of every good thing, we pray for radio 107.9 Life FM, and ask that you grant favour to its message and witness to unbelieving listeners in Adelaide and beyond.
  7. Father God, we pray for Hieu Van Le in his work as Governor of South Australia. Enable him to keep watch over the civic arena - serving lawfully, justly and mercifully.
  8. Merciful Lord, may your protection rest upon the authorities who monitor the bush fire threat, and who labour to safeguard lives and property during the summer season.