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FamilyVoice Australia publishes material in five areas of concern: Christianity and culture, marriage and sexuality, human life and dignity, family and parenthood, and government and society. General material is also published which may relate to several of these areas of concern.

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General Documents of a general nature which may cover several areas of concern.
Christianity and Culture

Documents dealing with Australia's Christian heritage and culture, as well as appraisals of other religions and worldviews such as humanism, Islam, Hinduism and paganism.

Marriage and Sexuality Documents addressing issues relating to marriage and sexuality including marriage preparation and enrichment, divorce, cohabitation, sexually transmitted infections, prostitution, homosexuality and pornography.
Human life and Dignity Documents relating to life, death and the dignity of the human being, including abortion, cloning, euthanasia and dignity-denying addictions to drugs, gambling and pornography.
Family and Parenthood

Documents addressing issues facing parents raising children, including the medical care, religious instruction, education and discipline of children, as well as adoption, fostering and child care.

Government and Society

Documents related to Australia's system of government, including the Australian Crown and head of state, responsible government, parliamentary sovereignty, bicameral parliaments, federalism, electoral systems, human rights and charters of rights.


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