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Euthanasia: are the risks too great? (15 Feb 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Not all pain can be effectively managed, whether physical or psychological. In the face of unmanageable pain, some people express a clear desire to end their life. For most of us, witnessing great suffering by another person, particularly a loved one, prompts a strong desire to find a way to end that suffering. That is why many of the people who have a desire and willingness to give assistance to these wishes do so out of compassion and love.

Physical discipline: is it ever OK? (15 Aug 16)
Document access: Subscriber, Member In March 2014, an Adelaide father faced court on an aggravated assault charge for smacking his 12-year-old-son. The father - an Air Force pilot "of excellent character and work ethic" - shared custody of his son with his former wife, whose approach to parenting he considered "very laissez-faire."

The dangers of redefining marriage (15 May 16)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Redefining marriage is a dangerous idea. It redefines everything from parenting and kinship bonds to sexual morality and acceptable religious doctrine.

The school bullying problem (15 Feb 16)
Document access: Subscriber, Member "Throughout school I was always a geeky kid," Stuart McGregor says. “A nerd if you will. The kind of kid bullies love. Except I had one feature that stood out. I was a coppertop. A red dog. A ranga. A redhead. With freckles. “That feature made me a target for bullies. On a daily basis I would be beaten. I was afraid to go to the toilet at school for fear of my head being flushed. “Let’s get that red out of your hair, ranga,” the bullies would say as they tipped me upside down. Blue Loo tastes as awful as

The truth about transgenderism: what every parent needs to know (15 Nov 15)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Brett (not his real name) was only three years old when he discovered Barbie dolls. His parents thought it was a phase he would soon outgrow, but that didn’t happen. He wanted to wear frilly pink dresses like those Barbie wore. At kindergarten, he only wanted to play with girls. He told people that he wanted to be a lady when he grew up.

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