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Open Letter to Tony Abbott March 2015-web.pdf (19 Mar 15)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member Open Letter to the Prime Minister on the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program. Dear Prime Minister,We deplore all forms of school bullying. But we are deeply concerned about the controversial Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program, launched on 13 June 2014 for use by schools throughout Australia

Repeal Section 8 ( 1 Aug 12)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Doctors are required by Section 8 of Victoria’s Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 to refer their patients to another doctor who would abort a baby if they have a conscientious objection. Click to find out how you can help Repeal Section 8.

VoxAlert - Tasmanian Prostitution Bill ( 7 Feb 12)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member The Tasmanian State Government has released a discussion  paper on prostitution reform, presenting three options: decriminalisation, criminalisation, and licensing. The public has been asked to put submissions in answering key questions detailed in the paper before 9 March 2012 . What can you do? Click to find out.

How to Complain TV Ads ( 5 Nov 10)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member These days, broadcasting and advertising are ‘self-regulated’ – there are no government inspectors checking to see the rules are obeyed. Instead, YOU are the inspector! So, if you see a problem, please help by lodging a complaint. Your country needs you!

SA bill to kill ( 1 Oct 10)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member The deceptively named Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care (End of Life Arrangements) Amendment Bill 2010 has been introduced in the SA House of Assembly by Labor MP Hon Stephanie Key and in the Legislative Council by Greens MP Hon Mark Parnell. Mr Parnell’s previous euthanasia bill failed 11-9 last November, but there are some new MPs in the Council since the election. Independent MP Bob Such introduced a rival Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010 in the House of Assembly in June.

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