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Fatal mistake: coming to SA? (16 Jul 13)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member “The Dignitas suicide clinic in Switzerland has killed someone who ended up not having a fatal diagnosis,” FamilyVoice SA state officer David d’Lima said today. “Bob Such’s Ending Life with Dignity Bill , which could come to a vote in the House of Assembly next week, could well cause a similar scenario in South Australia.”

Briefing Paper: WA Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010 ( 9 Jun 10)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member Briefing Paper on the WA Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010 by FamilyVoice Australia. It involves: Introduction; Who may be killed by euthanasia?; No desire to continue living; Administration of euthanasia; Laws permitting euthanasia or physician assisted suicide in other jurisdictions; Australia; Dr Phillip Nitschke; Conclusion and recommendation; Endnotes.

Submission: Review of Queensland Guardianship Laws (11 Dec 09)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on a Review of Queensland's Guardianship Laws to the Queensland Law Reform Commission. It involves: Introduction; Special health matters (Q 4-2 (d)); Removal of tissue for donation; Termination of a pregnancy of an adult; Participation by the adult in special medical research or experimental health care; Appointment of guardians by parents (Q 8-1); Advanced health directives : non-compliance by health providers (Q 11.21, 11.23); Withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining measures (Q 12-1 – 12-27); Endnotes.

Submission: Suicide in Australia (20 Nov 09)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on Suicide in Australia to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs, Department of the Senate. It involves: Introduction; Suicide promotion and instruction on the Internet; Euthanasia as a form of suicide; Suicide and cannabis and other drugs; Men’s suicide and diovorce; Endnotes.

Submission: Prevention & Treatment - Drug Problems in WA (30 Jul 09)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on the Adequacy and Appropriateness of Prevention and Treatment Services for Alcohol and Illicit Drug Problems in Western Australia to the Education and Health Standing Committee. It involves: harm minimisation or a drug free society?; Road to Recovery - 2003; the winnable war on drugs - 2007; The Swedish model; abandoning harm minimisation; cannabis; prevalence of cannabis use; harms of cannabis use; cannabis infringement notice scheme; government policy; naltrexone.

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