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The dangers of redefining marriage (15 May 16)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Redefining marriage is a dangerous idea. It redefines everything from parenting and kinship bonds to sexual morality and acceptable religious doctrine.

Submission: Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill 2014 (30 Jul 14)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on the Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill 2014 to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee. It includes: reasons for the Bill; Recognition of other foreign marriages; the purpose of marriage; the nation's vital interest in marriage; man-woman marriage best for raising children; risks for children in homosexual communities; impact of legal same-sex marriage on true marriage; health risks of same-sex relationships; international covenants.

Submission: Succession Law in Victoria (28 Mar 13)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on Succession Law to the Victorian Law Reform Commission. It involves: Intestacy; Family provision; Effect of divorce on a will.

Submission: Same Sex Marriage Law in NSW (26 Feb 13)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on SameSex Marriage Law in NSW to the Standing Committee on Social Issues NSW Legislative Council. It involves: Legal issues; The response of other jurisdictions both in Australia and overseas to demands for 'marriage equality'; Alternative models of legislation; Changes in social attitudes (if any) to marriage in Australia; Conclusion and recommendation.

Challenging the prostitution trade (29 May 12)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member Through seeking the enactment of sensible laws which protect against the exploitation of vulnerable people, and by providing practical ministry, the people of God may respond to challenge the prostitution trade - which reduces the gift of sexual intimacy to a mere consumer commodity that brings spiritual, physical and psychological harm.

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