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VoxLink South Australia - March 2018 (15 Mar 18)
Document access: Subscriber, Member "SA election: the issues that matter... 'Sanctity of life' motion defeated in Senate... Highlights from our religious freedom submission... Cultural Leadership Symposium UK - preparing for the next horizon... Deeper wisdom shapes generations... Transgender swim night 'divisive'... Revitalised in Witness - lessons from the '59 Billy Graham Crusade.

VoxLink South Australia - December 2017 (15 Dec 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Police reject 'foolhardy' South Australian brothel bill... Freedom under threat in Northern Territory... New euthanasia push in ACT, QLD, TAS... Right to lineage for donor kids... SES units in state of emergency... Conscientious freedom isn't discrimination... We are stirred, but not shaken!... 'For we are Dumb and Policed'... Freedoms review.

VoxLink South Australia - June 2017 (15 Jun 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member SA 'Safe Schools' to train teachers, not students... Alarming reports of elder abuse... 'Safe Schools' victories are positive steps... 'Gender reassignment' a harmful fad, doctor warns... Age-verification for porn sites to be implemented in the UK... Myths about the euthanasia debate... Early palliative care, not killing... Influencing the culture: Andrea Williams

VoxLink South Australia - March 2017 (15 Mar 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member NT govt pushes dangerous RU486 abortion pill... Babies left to die horrifies many... Christian defend democratic freedom... Mothers needing support... Conservative revolution or tipping point?... Letters... Free speech advocate wins court battle... Marriage inquiry fails to rule on religious freedom.

VoxLink South Australia - December 2016 (15 Dec 16)
Document access: Subscriber, Member SA MPs vote in favour of life... US votes for pro-life Congress... Israeli 'clean feed' bill... Rights Commissioner meets FamilyVoice... Is 'Safe Schools' founder a bully?... Bad laws pass SA lower house... How did US opinion polls get it so wrong?... Letters... Who is Ashley Saunders?

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