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Islam and women - stories from behind the veil (15 Nov 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member There is more to it than meets the eye of the beholder... A few years ago when I was on talk back radio, a young lady phoned in from interstate. She told me she was a Muslim and wanted to ask some questions. To provide some context I asked where she had gone to school. She named a Christian denominational school that she had attended for 12 years. I next asked had she ever read a Bible. She hadn't.

VoxPoint - November 2017 (15 Nov 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Winning the battle but losing the war?... Tas: C4M event a success... NSW: Support not suicide... Vic: March for Babies 2017 resounding success... WA: Babies left to die petition climbs past 7,000... SA: Covenant response to school problems... UK culture changers equipped... National: Definition of marriage still in the balance... On the wires... Letters... VoxBrief: Islam and women - stories from behind the veil... Hugh Hefner's damaging legacy... Making a difference despite disability... Mental illness sufferers always welcome... There's never been a better time to be a Christian... UK uni blocks transgender research... Pro-life mother fined for peacefully protesting abortion

Deliberations from David d'Lima - July 2017 ( 3 Aug 17)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member Nearly fifty pastors have added their names to a letter I recently sent to the editor of The Advertiser, firmly but politely chastising the paper for its misrepresentation of FamilyVoice and for allowing columnist Tory Shepherd to run a persistent anti-Christian agenda.

VoxBrief - Freedom of religion and belief under attack (15 May 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Many Australian Christians in recent years have sensed that the society around them has been transformed almost out of recognition. Values that their parents and grandparents took for granted are today openly derided. Marital fidelity and family values have diminished, at the same time as divorce and non-marital cohabitation have increased. The very institution of marriage has been called into question, with more and more Australian public figures each year calling for marriage to be redefended to include same-sex couples.

VoxPoint - May 2017 (15 May 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member One cloud's silver lining... Top doctors unite to oppose euthanasia... Disability advocates: no euthanasia... News alerts... Letters to the editor... VoxBrief: Freedom of religion and belief under attack... National: Western society built on Christianity, says former PM... Tas: Safe Schools is out... NSW: Safe Schools dumped... Vic: Marxist agenda resisted... Qld: Abortion victory... SA: A win for democracy... WA: Resisting Safe Schools... Freedom of speech divides MPs... Free speech is a moral right.

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