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Deliberations from David d'Lima - July 2017 ( 3 Aug 17)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member Nearly fifty pastors have added their names to a letter I recently sent to the editor of The Advertiser, firmly but politely chastising the paper for its misrepresentation of FamilyVoice and for allowing columnist Tory Shepherd to run a persistent anti-Christian agenda.

Euthanasia: are the risks too great? (15 Feb 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Not all pain can be effectively managed, whether physical or psychological. In the face of unmanageable pain, some people express a clear desire to end their life. For most of us, witnessing great suffering by another person, particularly a loved one, prompts a strong desire to find a way to end that suffering. That is why many of the people who have a desire and willingness to give assistance to these wishes do so out of compassion and love.

VoxPoint - February 2017 (15 Feb 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member An unimaginable future... Mysterious attack on Christian lobby... Why did US Christians vote for Donald Trump?... Letters... Euthanasia: are the risks too great?... Senate looks at marriage - again!... Sydney University: where Kerry learned lesbian activism... What are our universities teaching?... The failure of feelings-based education... Euthanasia warning.

VoxPoint - November 2016 (15 Nov 16)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Haters, rocks and Bill Shorten... Plebiscite block allows more time... Ashley Saunders takes up the baton... Coming to a school near you?... Letters... VoxBrief: A voice to our nation... Qld: Another bad abortion bill... Vic: Faith and freedoms under attack... Tas: Step forward for free speech... National: Porn harms kids inquiry goes ahead... NSW: Welcome, Aaron Wright... WA: Fighting for freedom... SA: 'Gender identity' bill defeated... Prostitution reality: Simone's story... Stealing from a child... Will there be a duty to die?... Euthanasia moves in Australia... Same-sex 'marriage' questions...

VoxLink New South Wales - September 2016 (15 Sep 16)
Document access: Subscriber, Member 'Safe Schools' program hits the headlines... NSW petition on 'Safe Schools'... Transgender warning... Multicultural communities reject 'Safe Schools'... NSW Greens' draconian abortion bill... Same-sex 'marriage': no benefit... Whatever happened to human rights?... Letters... Kerry says sorry... Same-sex "marriage": what it really means...

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