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FamilyVoice Australia 

We partner with churches as a Christian voice to our nation upholding family, faith and freedom.

We seek to honour God's name and advance His kingdom.

We promote God's wise ways for a healthy society where marriage is honoured, human life is respected, families can flourish and fundamental freedoms are enjoyed.

Contact us if you'd like us to speak at your church.

Don't ask Vic kids to 'try homosexuality'


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Submission: Review of the Australian Curriculum (11 Mar 14)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on the Review of the Australian Curriculum to the Australian Government Department of Education. It includes: general issues; flexibility; cross-curriculum priorities; effect on faith-based schools; areas of particular concern; English; history; geography; civics and citizenship; health and physical education.

Praying for the work of the new State Parliament.pdf (27 Feb 14)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member A reflection and a few brief prayers committing the 2014 South Australian State election and the new (53rd ) State Parliament to Almighty God.

VoxPoint - February 2014 (15 Feb 14)
Document access: Subscriber, Member The price of political incorrectness... Two different leaders... 'Newbie' MPs honour God... Prince Charles speaks out as Christians disappear... Greens oppose prayer in parliament... Euthanasia crosses a link: UK peer... The national curriculum: what went wrong?

Submission: 2013 Federal Election (10 Feb 14)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on the 2013 Federal Election to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters. It involves: Democratic principles and the conduct of elections; Membership of political parties; Political contribution and gifts; Disclosure of contributions and gifts; Representation and voting systems; Senate voting above the line; The campaign; Integrity of the Electoral Roll; Integrity of the Voting Process; Electronically assisted voting; Postal voting...

Creating wealth for the glory of God (24 Jan 14)
Document access: Public, Guest, Subscriber, Member Wealth production in service of Almighty God has the potential to powerfully enrich humanity. Encouraged biblically by the creation narrative, the use of wealth is also commended within the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which effectively endorses borrowing, lending, and spending money to reach out in the name of Christ.

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